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Bad Drip 30ML Nicotine Salt

Bad Drip

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Bad Apple
Bad Apple by Bad Drip is an exciting fruit flavored e-liquid. This vape juice blends the delicious taste of ripe red apples and Granny Smith apples. The combination of these flavors offer the vaper a delicate blend of sweet and sour flavors.
Don't Care Bear
Don’t Care Bear Salt from Bad Drips Nic Salt is Gummy bear candies are infused with the fresh fruit juices. Each hit refreshes you with fruity splendor before slamming the sweet tooth with loads of exquisite sugar.
Ugly Butter
Ugly Butter by Bad Drip 30ml is a great carnival-style ejuice that takes fried dough and stuffs it with silky banana pudding coaxed with cinnamon sugar. Each hit will seem like you’re at the fair enjoying a calorie-laden deep-fried treat that will satisfy your cravings.
Farley's Gnarly Sauce
Take the flavors of strawberry and kiwi and infuse them into sweet and psychedelic bubblegum, you get the handcrafted ejuice of Farley’s Gnarly by Bad Drip 30ml. Each hit will give your sweet tooth a tremendous hit of fruity and sugary goodness.
Bad Blood
Bad Blood Salt by Bad Drips Nic Salt is an unbelievably flavorful blend of juicy pomegranates, ripe blueberries and smooth vanilla. Every hit is like a decadent dessert that’s bursting with the bright tartness of delectable berries that have just come off of the vine. 
Cereal Trip
Cereal Trip Salt by Bad Drips Nic Salt takes a puffy glazed donut and tops it with sugary, fruity cereal before bathing it in gloriously creamy milk. Each puff is a dream-come-true for your sweet tooth. You’ll feel like you’re indulging in something sinful as you take hit after hit of this scrumptious treat.