BBTank Key Box Oil Cartridge Vape Battery Variable Voltage


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Variable Voltage: 2.8V, 3.2V, 3.8V

The BBTank Key Box Oil Cartridge Vape Battery is an innovative essential oil battery that is disguised as a high end car key FOB for stealthy use on the go. 

This ingenious device is compatible with most 510 threaded essential oils atomizers rated as low as 1.2 ohm. The 510 threaded connection replaces where the car key would normally go on a key fob like this model, allowing you to house your essential cartridge within the FOB itself during travel or when ready for use simply press down the front facing button and your cartridge will quickly flip open in a moment's notice. 

Once you have your essential oil cartridge attached and ready to go you can then press the fire button found on the side of the device 5 times within 2 seconds to power on the device. After powering on/unlocking the device, you will then press and hold the fire button to begin heating your oil cartridge. After 15 seconds of continuous use the Key Box Battery will automatically cut off power to the atomizer to prevent any possible damage due to overheating. 

BBTank's Key Box Oil Cartridge Vape Battery is powered by an embedded 350mAh lithium-ion battery that will vape for days on end before eventually dying out. When that time comes you can connect the Key FOB Battery to any USB accepting device to get a full recharge in just around 4 hours. The Key Box Battery's USB charger is built-in directly into the device to ensure you always have your charger with you and ready to go whenever you may need it. After a few hours of charging the BBTank's LED indicator will switch from a solid red to a solid green color to indicate a full charge has been achieved. 

This cutting-edge device also features a key ring found on the bottom of the vape that allows you to attach your new essential oil vaporizer to a set of keys for ultimate discretion, perfect for use on the go. 

Treat yourself to the Key Box Oil Cartridge Vape Battery from BBTank today and you will quickly see discreetly vaping essential oils has never been so simple!

Please note this item only includes the BBTank Key Box Vape Battery, any cartridges/tanks must be purchased separately.