Demon Killer JBOX 420mAh Box MOD (Compatible with JUUL cartridge)

Demon Killer

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The Demon Killer JBOX comes with 420mAh built-in battery. It has 4 LED indicator to show voltage range. The Demon Killer JBOX adopts air-activated switch, so you will inhale and vape without any button. The LED light indicates the battery life too.


1. Appearance and utility model patent 
2. Push and pull type with dust cap airflow drive design
3. Mature PCB design
4. Light indication when contacting the cartridge 
5. Power indicator
6. Equipped with a black leather hanging rope
7. A protective film on the panel
8. Adapt to Juul cartridge


Material: Plastic Electroplating
Size: 6.2*4.2*1.3mm
Battery Capacity: 420mAh

Packing list:

1 x Demon Killer JBOX
1 x USB Cable
1 x User Manual