DOVPO Safe Link for Mechanical Mod and Atomizer


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The Safelink will be very popular since most people have a mechanical mod for using right now,but you know Mechanical mod is unsafe because have no protection chip.people never know what is the next dangerous happen for this mod Any Short circuit ,over vapor can make that happen if people no realize that.Safelink is all about the safety.

Product Features:

  • Show the electric quantity while power on, and show the resistance in the first second, then show the output voltage and full power output, backlight scintillation 10 times when it works over 10s, then need to restart
  • Short circuit protection: Show F2 and the backlight scintillation 10 times when short out, need to restart
  • Resistance range: 0.3-9.8ohm
  • MAX 26  AMP output
  • Input voltage:3.0V-4.5V
  • 10 seconds over vaping cut off
  • Short circuit protection(F2)
  • It will show 9.9 ohm when no atomizer on it
  • Low Voltage protection (2.5V low voltage protection)
  • material: Aluminum + Brass