Joyetech BF Coils for Cubis/Cubis Pro/eGo AIO/Cuboid Mini (5pcs)


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BF SS316 0.5Ω
SS316 and VW Modes. Recommended VW: 10 - 30W
BF SS316 0.6Ω
VW, BYPASS and SS316 Modes. SS316 Mode Recommended.
BF SS316 1.0Ω
VW and SS316 Modes. SS316 Mode Recommended.
BF Kanthal Clapton 1.5Ω
VW Mode Only.
BF-Ni 0.2Ω
Temperature Recommended: 500 - 550˚F / 260 - 290℃
BF-Ti 0.4Ω
Temperature Recommended: 450 - 500˚F / 230 - 260℃
NotchCoil 0.25Ω DL (Direct Lung)
VWTemp, SS316, Bypass and TCR Modes.