Mr Salt-E Salt Based Nicotine E-Liquid 30mL

Mr. Salt

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Mr Salt-E is bringing low output systems to life by providing higher nicotine levels with smooth flavor and throat hit not found in ordinary high nicotine e-liquids. The difference comes from using nicotine salts. "Nic salts" more closely resemble the feel of traditional cigarettes because of its quicker absorption into your bloodstream. Available in 25mg and 45mg strengths and multiple delicious flavors.
Mr Salt-E Liquids are NOT designed for high performance or sub-ohm devices. These products are specifically meant to be used in pod-based, closed systems and low-output atomizers/mods. Devices such as Eleaf iCare Solo, Eleaf iCare, Eleaf iCare Mini and Wismec MyJet are highly recommend for optimum performance. The nicotine used in Mr. Salt-E is enhanced with "nic salts", which are purported to cause faster uptake of nicotine when vaped.