Pod Juice 30ML Nicotine Salt

Pod Juice

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Jewel Mango
Jewel Mango
Jewel Mango is a luscious and smooth mango flavor that will have you begging for more. This yummy blend of mango is not overwhelming with sweetener which makes it impeccable for an all day vape. 
Watermelon Blast
Watermelon Blast is a dynamic ripe watermelon that will soothe your taste buds! It includes subtle fruit flavoring tones to create a lasting delicious flavor without compromising on the watermelon theme. The flavors made in this juice makes your vaping experience slightly harsher and more robust for those looking for a little more throat kick. 
Melon Breeze 
This melon trio is an explosive burst of juicy watermelon, fresh melon dew, and a hint of cantaloupe. Melon Breeze is perfectly blended for a melon lover’s dream, leaving you blissful and refreshed. Try the best melon salt nicotine today!
Savage Patch 
This sour-to-sweet citrus flavor will fill your taste buds with joy and will fulfill all those sweet tooth cravings. Upon inhale you will enjoy a sour flavor and end off with a sweet lemon rush with each and every exhale.
Loops is a recreation of your favorite fruity flavors that fulfills all your sweet tooth cravings.This milk-like concoction will have you begging for more from the fruity inhale to the sweet nostalgic exhale.
Hawaiian Pod is a sweet tropical blend of fresh guava, pineapple, and orange. This irresistible flavor will have you sitting back on a secluded tropical island with a delicious fruit concoction. Sweet, citrusy, tangy, sour, and more - this flavor has it all.
VG/PG: 50%VG / 50%PG
Warning: Not to be used in sub-ohm or high-powered devices.