Smoke Deez 100ML E-Juice

Smoke Deez

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Fresh Orange

Fresh California oranges squeezed in a bottle. It is so refreshing, you will want to do a back flip. Our masterpiece of fresh, delightful, smooth, oh my gosh, oranges to ever grace a bottle.

Vanilla Custard

A rich mouthwatering vanilla custard with many subtle layers of flavor, an All-day vape among creamy dessert enthusiasts. A Classic Flavor that marries the creamy texture of custard and notes of Real Vanilla. Warm Flavors with a smooth finish.

Blue Raspberry Slushy

The refreshing blue raspberry slushy that is reminiscent of our childhood years is now available in the finest vape juice. It has an unbelievable smooth inhale and an equally amazing exhale. We took our time to perfect your childhood dream in a bottle.

Mango Strawberry Pineapple

For our fruit e-juice enthusiasts, we welcome the Mango Strawberry Pineapple vape juice. A tropical paradise blended to perfection. You will feel like you are on a vacation!

Crispy Donut

Yes, you guessed it. Your favorite donut has arrived for your vaping pleasure. Indulge your taste buds with this freshly-baked vape treat smothered in a warm, gooey glaze. This mouthwatering vapor will satisfy the kid in you and make you crave more. 

Watermelon Guava

 Smoothly blended flavors of juicy red watermelons and a slightly sweet flesh of guava will put a smile on your face. Making their way to your throat, this juicy twist will bring a lot of inspiration to your taste buds while quenching your thirst. Every draw taken will fill up your mind with the positiveness and relaxation.